The Heating System in My Rental Home

I grew up along the southern coast, but moved up north to take a job with a much better salary.  I was twenty-two years old at the time, and I had a ton of student loans to pay off.  I … Continued

Why I Love My Air Conditioner

I live in an area that deals with an extremely long and cold winter season.  The summer months are very short, and there’s no need to install central air conditioning. I get by with a portable air conditioner installed in … Continued

The Inconvenience of Furnace Malfunctions

Last month, everything went wrong all at once.  It felt like my house was trying to self-destruct.  It was the beginning of October, and the weather had suddenly changed from warm and sunny to cold and rainy.  I have three … Continued

Getting Maintenance Scheduled in the Fall Season

In the area where I live, the fall season is typically very short, rainy, and chilly.  We switch from hot and humid summer weather without much warning.  One day, we’re all wearing shorts and sandals, and the next day we … Continued

Heat Pumps: The Best HVAC Systems!

I grew up in the northeastern part of the country where the majority of the weather is very cold.  We never had air conditioning in my childhood home, and survived the brief, summer heat by running portable fans.  The priority … Continued

I’m Considering a New Thermostat

The thermostat in my house is probably twenty years old, and extremely outdated.  It is a plastic unit with a dial that only serves one function.  By turning the dial, I set the desired temperature in my house.  My furnace … Continued

Urgent Air Conditioning Repairs

Last Friday night, I went out to the dance clubs with a bunch of my friends.  We had a really great time, drank way too much, and stayed out extremely late.  When I finally got home, I just wanted to … Continued

Our Journey to Getting a New Heater

When my husband and I bought our house, it was heated with a wood-burning stove.  My husband convinced me that this was an awesome feature, because it wouldn’t cost us anything to heat the house in the winter.  He’d go … Continued