Urgent Air Conditioning Repairs

Last Friday night, I went out to the dance clubs with a bunch of my friends.  We had a really great time, drank way too much, and stayed out extremely late.  When I finally got home, I just wanted to go straight to bed and pass out.  I stepped into my house and the heat was overwhelming.  It was the middle of July, and the weather was especially hot and humid.

electricianMy air conditioner should have welcomed me home to a refreshingly cool home.  I tried messing with the thermostat, but I had no luck.  It took me quite a while to find the number for emergency service from my HVAC contractor.  I called the wrong number three times in a row, and made some guy super angry.

I finally got a hold of my HVAC company, and they promised to send someone right over.  Since I was starving, I also ordered a pizza and hoped it would arrive before the HVAC repairman.  The repairman got there first.  When the pizza was delivered, I offered to share with my HVAC technician, but he didn’t want any.  It took him nearly two hours to get the air conditioner working again.  I spent the majority of that time throwing up in the bathroom.  It was a really embarrassing evening, and I was delighted when it was over.

It was a huge relief when the air conditioner was finally blowing cold air, and I got to collapse on my bed.  I was extremely thankful for my air conditioner when I woke up feeling terrible the next morning.  

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