The Inconvenience of Furnace Malfunctions

Last month, everything went wrong all at once.  It felt like my house was trying to self-destruct.  It was the beginning of October, and the weather had suddenly changed from warm and sunny to cold and rainy.  I have three kids, and I was running in all directions because of little league football and cheerleading.  My husband was traveling for his job, and I was feeling extremely stressed over a huge presentation I had coming up at work.

technicianLife was extremely hectic, and I couldn’t even find the time to buy groceries.  I tossed all of the dirty football and cheerleading uniforms into the washing machine, started it up, and hoped to at least get that one job accomplished.  My washing machine quit in the middle of the load, and refused to drain the dirty water.  I ended up with wet, soapy uniforms, which my kids needed the next day.  I squeezed them out the best I could and laid them out in front of the furnace vents.

I turned up the thermostat and hoped the furnace would help to dry the clothes.  Within an hour, the furnace started squealing loudly and spewing dust.  I shut the furnace down, dug around in the attic, and found a space heater.  I plugged in the space heater and blew a fuse.  When I went down in the basement to trip the breaker, I discovered that my basement was flooded because the hot water tank had ruptured.  At that point, I just wanted to fall down and cry.

I am very thankful that my HVAC contractor also offers plumbing and electrical services.

I called them up and told them that I needed an HVAC technician, plumber, and electrician to provide immediate assistance.  I knew I needed a heating repair as soon as possible. 

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