Why I Love My Air Conditioner

thermostatI live in an area that deals with an extremely long and cold winter season.  The summer months are very short, and there’s no need to install central air conditioning. I get by with a portable air conditioner installed in my bedroom window.  I absolutely love my little air conditioner, and would never want to try to live without it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s super hot and humid, or pleasantly mild, I run that air conditioner all summer long.  I like the way it circulates the air around my bedroom, preventing stuffy smells and that sticky feeling.  I hope that it filters the air, removing some of the dust and contaminants, but I’m not totally convinced.  I am happy with the fact that it drowns out exterior noises, such as cars driving by, birds tweeting, and a dog barking.  My neighbors have a dog that barks all night long, and the sound of the air conditioner helps me sleep.

It’s especially helpful that I can operate my cooling unit with a remote control, which I keep within reach of my bed.  I often wake up in the middle of the night and turn the fan speed up or down.  I don’t need to get up out of bed to satisfy my comfort needs.  I wish I could use my air conditioner all year long.  It’s such a sad day when I need to pull it out of the window and carry it up to the attic.  The unit is heavy enough that hauling it up the attic stairs is a bit of a challenge.  It is now the middle of October, and the air conditioner is still sitting in my bedroom window.  I should have removed it about a month ago, but I’ve been procrastinating.  I just don’t want to admit the summer is officially over.

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