Moving to a New Home & Finding a New HVAC Company

A few months ago, my husband was offered a promotion at work, which meant a much higher annual salary.  It also meant that my family was required to move to a new city all the way across the country.  We had very little time to prepare for the big move.  We packed up the possessions we could fit into a moving van, and hoped everything would work out for the best. We arrived in a brand new city with no place to live, and we knew absolutely nobody.  We spent our first week living in a hotel.  My husband immediately started his new job, which left me and the kids house hunting.

acEventually, we found a nice little house on a decent plot of land, and I was simply relieved to get out of that hotel room.  I quickly realized that the house needed quite a bit of work.  It was a difficult challenge, because I did not have any contacts.  I needed to find a plumber, an electrician, a general contractor, and an HVAC contractor.

I was especially eager to find a reliable HVAC company. It was the middle of August and the outside temperature was extremely hot and sticky. The central cooling system in the house malfunctioned after running for one hour, and no matter what I did, it wouldn’t start back up again. Trying to unpack, move furniture, and handle all the jobs in the new house without air conditioning was a nightmare. The first HVAC company I called, set up an appointment time, and they never showed up.  The second company arrived three hours late for the appointment, and I told the guy to get lost.  I finally found a conscientious and affordable HVAC contractor on my third try. Now I’ll never look back!

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