I’m Considering a New Thermostat

The thermostat in my house is probably twenty years old, and extremely outdated.  It is a plastic unit with a dial that only serves one function.  By turning the dial, I set the desired temperature in my house.  My furnace and air conditioner then struggle to either heat or cool the entire house to that temperature.  It doesn’t matter that some rooms tend to heat up throughout the day, or that other rooms are unoccupied.  I pay to heat and cool them all equally.

If I want to conserve energy while my family is out of the house for the day, I need to adjust the thermostat before we leave.  When we come home, the house is then far too hot or cold for comfort.  I must physically access the thermostat, change the setting, and then wait while the furnace or air conditioner works to answer demand.

A smart thermostat serves multiple functions, helps to cut energy costs, and would make my life much easier. A smart thermostat would allow me to control the temperature, fan speed, ventilation, and air quality in my house, and also heat or cool different zones in the house to independent settings.

I would like to replace my ancient thermostat with modern technology.  I would no longer pay to condition empty rooms or need to maintain the living room at the same temperature as the bedrooms.  I could access the smart thermostat from my smartphone, and make changes from just about anywhere I happen to be. My family would no longer return from a long day of school and work to a freezing cold or overheated house.  That’s what I call temperature control.

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