Quality Information About HVAC Maintenance

I prefer to handle tasks on my own, rather than rely on someone else to do them right.  I’ve gotten into trouble hiring general contractors, plumbers, and electricians.  I’ve gradually taught myself to handle most household upkeep and renovations by myself.  I’ve managed to replace windows, pipes, electric lines, and drywall.

I am not confident, however, completing the seasonal maintenance of my HVAC system.  Last spring, I called a random HVAC contractor to perform the annual cleaning and inspection of my air conditioner.  I assumed that since the technician was fully licensed and certified, he would do a proper job.  That summer, when my air conditioner started to malfunction, I couldn’t get the technician back on the phone.  My air conditioner was making a high-pitched squealing sound, not keeping my house sufficiently cool, and costing me a fortune in electricity.

I finally contacted a different HVAC contractor, and scheduled a repair. The technician inspected my air conditioner, and informed me that my belts were worn, the system was clogged with dust, and there was insufficient refrigerant. He said that the last guy must have just pretended to service my air conditioner, because these problems were not new.

I was thankful that this particular HVAC contractor was conscientious and handled all of the necessary maintenance.  Because he did such a good job and the price was reasonable, I enrolled in a preventative maintenance program.  I am tempted to learn how to handle the regular upkeep of my furnace and air conditioner myself.  At least then I could be sure that the job was done properly.

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