Top Quality Residential Heating and Cooling

A friend of mine recently set me up on a blind date with a guy she knows from work.  I met the guy at a restaurant for drinks and dinner, and we got along fairly well.  Although he was really cute, he wasn’t super interesting to talk to, and I wasn’t sure I’d want to see him again.

When we left the restaurant, I got a look at his car, and I was definitely ready to learn more about him.  The guy was driving a white Maserati, which really impressed me.  I followed him back to his house, and that’s when I completely fell in love.  Not only was his house huge and modern, with leather furniture, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances, but his HVAC system was top-of-the-line.

wiringSince I get by with an ancient furnace and no air conditioning, I recognize the importance of a state-of-art heating and cooling system.  This guy had zone control!  There was a touch-screen thermostat in every room of the house, which let him set each room to an independent temperature.  Not only that, there were sensors in each room that automatically detected when the space was empty or occupied.  The HVAC equipment immediately adjusted the temperature to a comfortable level when we sat down on his leather sectional.

He tried to impress me with his sound system and flat screen television, but I was way more excited by his variable-speed furnace and air conditioner.  I noticed that the thermostat provided the indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity levels, and even an alert for the battery level.  I was definitely ready to get to know this guy better.

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