We Finally Got an Air Conditioner!

Last July, my husband and I took a trip down south and stayed in a cheap hotel on the beach.  Because it was a last minute decision, we didn’t take the time to research or plan our trip, so the hotel wasn’t very nice.  The outside had peeling paint, and the inside smelled sort of musty.  We were just happy for the close proximity to the beach.

airconditionerUnfortunately, we forgot to pack sunblock, and my husband and I both got terribly burned on our very first day on the beach.  Feeling hot and miserable, we then just wanted to hide inside of our hotel room and take advantage of the air conditioning.

At first, we could not get the air conditioner to start up.  We turned every knob, banged on the side of it, and unplugged and plugged the unit back in.  All of a sudden, the air conditioner just began running and blowing out a ton of freezing cold air.  That cold air felt absolutely fantastic on our burnt skin.

The hotel room quickly cooled down and eventually became downright chilly.  We tried to turn the air conditioner down a bit, but we had no luck.  We tried to turn it off, and we couldn’t manage that either.  We called down to the front desk, but couldn’t get anyone from the hotel to answer.   We finally ended up controlling the air conditioner with the electrical plug.  When we wanted to cool the room down, we plugged the air conditioner in.  When we got too cold, we pulled the plug. Nothing like a quality air conditioner tune-up!

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